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For Non-Profit Organizations, Fundraising is a never-ending activity! It is a constant balancing act between the need to raise money and the willingness to be associated with a particular product, activity or company.

Why is Watkins the best way to Fundraise?
  • Recognition! Watkins Products have been distributed directly to our homes since 1868! That has made us a household name for over 8 generations!

  • Variety and Selection! Over 350 individual products that appeal to all members of the family. These top quality spices, gourmet seasonings, health and wellness items, personal care and household products are things that people need, use and offer as gifts to others every day.

  • Wow!Flexibility! You are not asking your supporters to spend additional dollars from their budget; you are only asking them to change brands. They will not be asked to buy a case of something they don't usually purchase or something they don't really want. There is sufficient variety in our product line to meet the needs and wants of every member of the family.

  • Quality! Watkins' 100% Satisfaction Guarantee was the first of its kind in North America and assures you continual support for your programs.

  • Experience! We like to say we are old because we are good; not good because we are old. Since our foundation in 1868, many service clubs, charitable organizations, teams, church and school groups have used Watkins Products to reach their fundraising goals.

  • Service! Watkins makes available all the materials and support your organization needs for a successful fundraiser.

  • Profit! Watkins offers your organization the opportunity to make more money. Because you are offering products used in millions of households daily, your average order will increase over time; and so will your profit. Your non-profit organization will earn between 19% and 25% of all orders; providing a steady stream of income once your supporters switch their shopping to Watkins products.

  • Simplicity! Your supporters order directly from Watkins Inc. using a catalogue or our easy to navigate website. They can order online, by 800#, fax or even by regular mail. You don't have canvassers (a real safety concern, especially where children are involved), you collect no money, you handle no merchandise and you make no deliveries!

Watkins helps reduce the costs of running a Fundraiser!

MoneyWatkins Inc. is proud to introduce a revolutionary, risk free fundraising opportunity. Nonprofit organizations receive a free web site where supporters can visit, read about the organization's goals and activities, and support those goals with purchases of Watkins quality products. Your organization's free web site links directly to Watkins' online catalog giving your supporters access to over 350 Watkins products. All sales generated through your site will benefit your organization. Nonprofit organizations are encouraged to personalize their own web sites and use the home page to share their mission and fundraising goals (all through a simple to use online editor).
There is absolutely no financial risk for your organization and it provides an ongoing method of fundraising.

Consider The Following Example:

Let's assume that between your membership and their friends and family you can count on 500 people to support your efforts. If each of them ordered only $30.00 worth of Watkins Products; products that they are already buying at the grocery or drug store, that would result in $15,000 in sales. Assuming the minimum percentage of 19%; that would yield $2,850 dollars for your organization (at 25% you would have $3,750). If this were a one-time fundraiser that would probably not be too bad! But... Since we are talking about every day products that people use up and re-purchase, this activity could go on month after month after month! And, satisfied members will refer others to your site so that your fundraising income would continue to rise as your support base expands!

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about Fundraising with Watkins (here are a few of the Frequently Asked Questions we've received) and help you get started raising the funds you need for your important projects. Please use the contact button at the top of this page to let us know how we can reach you; or visit Watkins Inc. (from the link above) and select 'Join Us' from the left hand menu.
We look forward to helping you make your fundraising a pleasant and successful experience.

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