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Watkins All-Natural Home Care and The Power of Green!

Watkins Product - Natural Home CareWe Proudly Introduce Our All-Natural ...
All-Purpose Cleaners
All-Purpose Wipes
Liquid Hand Soaps
Foaming Hand Soaps
Liquid Dish Soaps
Citrus Tub & Tile Cleaner
Laundry Detergent
Room Fresheners
... and from our Traditional Line ...
Natural Degreaser
Original Toilet Bowl Cleanser

Sorting through the confusion of "green" cleaning products.
Many companies are re-evaluating their product lines to better fit "green" standards. Watkins didn't know it at the time, but the products that we have been committed to developing and bringing to your family for over 145 years are getting a lot of attention and are actively sought after by consumers.

Today we have many choices for natural and environmentally friendly cleaning products. How do we weed out the truly natural products from imposters? Gina Moore, Watkins Home Care Product Manager offered to help us sort through this confusion and give us a few tips.

Home CareWhat makes a green cleaning product "green?" -
At Watkins we have defined green cleaning products as items that use renewable, non-toxic, phosphate-free and biodegradable ingredients. Products that work, but don't create fumes or leave behind residue that may affect the health of your family or impact the environment.

How do "green" cleaners work? - Green cleaners break down dirt and grease using surfactants from natural renewable resources. For example, instead of using ammonia as the active ingredient, Watkins uses natural plant extracts. These active ingredients act like magnets pulling dirt up and away from the surface.

What should we be looking for when we are looking for "green" cleaning products? - Watkins of course! Your first indication that a cleaning product isn't as natural as it could be is the use of colourants or dyes. A neon pink or purple cleaner should send up a red flag. Pay close attention to ingredient decks, cautionary statements and label warnings. These might be an indication that the product isn't as natural as it could be.

How do we know a "green" cleaner is truly not going to harm our environment? - The Clean Water Fund, a non-profit organization, estimates that the average American uses forty pounds of environmentally harmful household cleaners each year. Multiply that number by 245 million Americans and the effects are significant! The important claims to look for with regard to environment are biodegradable and phosphate free. Also steer clear of aerosol cleaners that can deplete the ozone.

What ingredients should we steer clear of? - Watkins has established a freedom code for our Natural Home Care line complete with all the ingredients we steer clear of and standards we guarantee to be met:

  • Ammonia Free
  • Animal Ingredient Free
  • Anxiety & Guilt Free
  • Benzene Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Boron Free
  • Butyl/Ethyl Free
  • Cellosolve Free
  • Chlorine Free
  • Diethylene Ether Free
  • Doubt Free
  • Dye Free
  • Ethanol Free
  • Ether Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Guilt Free
  • Isopropanol Free
    • Kerosene Free
    • Mineral Spirit Free
    • Non-toxic
    • Petrochemical Free
    • Phosphate Free
    • Phosphoric Acid Free
    • Propylene Glycol Free
    • SLS Free
    • Sulfuric Acid Free

    J.R. Watkins Natural Home Care products are also environmentally friendly,
    100% naturally derived and readily biodegradable.

    Everyday choices affect the health of our families and our environment. Household products are one of the largest contributors of heath problems in our homes. Cleaners containing ammonia, chlorine and other chemical ingredients have been known to cause respiratory irritation. In North America, one in three people suffers from allergies, asthma, sinusitis or bronchitis.* Minimize your family's exposure to these harmful toxins with Watkins Premium Natural Cleaning Line!

    J.R. Watkins Natural Cleaning Products feature non-toxic plant-based formulas that are both biodegradable and phosphate free. These ultra concentrated cleaners are naturally derived so they are easy on the environment, your home and your loved ones. J.R Watkins Natural Cleaning Line features four clean fresh scents. These plant based formulas are fragranced with natural lemon, lavender, rosemary and orange oil as well as extracts from palm and coconut. These natural aromas will leave your home smelling fresh and sparkling clean ... naturally.

    Learn more about ALL of our Natural Home Care Products at
    JR Watkins Online

    All-Purpose Cleaners

    Watkins Product - Natural All-Purpose CleanersThis product is ideal for cleaning:
    • Appliances
    • Counter Tops
    • Fixtures
    • Floors
    • Sealed Granite
    • Sinks
    • Stainless Steel
    • Tile
    • Walls
    Watkins Natural All-Purpose Cleaners effortlessly remove dirt and grime from all hard surfaces that water alone won't harm. You'll find thousands of uses for this powerful earth friendly formula. No rinsing required, simply spray and wipe away with a dry cloth. Available in three premium fragrances: Aloe and Green Tea, Lemon or Lavender. A great alternative to harsh and toxic chemical cleaners!

    Powerful enough to remove even your toughest dirt, yet gentle enough for your loved ones, your home and the environment. Many all-purpose cleaners contain toxins that can be inhaled. Ammonia-based cleaners can irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory system. Minimize your family's exposure to these harmful toxins with Watkins Natural All-Purpose Cleaners.

    • Spray a small amount of Watkins Natural All-Purpose Cleaner on a soft cloth and gently rub cloth over switch plates to remove smudges and fingerprints.
    • Never dust using a dry towel, this method will only relocate the dust into the air or onto the floor. For optimal dusting, lightly dampen a micro fiber cloth or paper towel with Watkins Natural All-Purpose Cleaner.
    • To naturally clean your microwave, place a bowl of water with a few drops of lemon juice in the microwave and run on high for one minute. Next spray Watkins Natural All-Purpose Cleaner on the surface and wipe away crusted food and grease.
    • To clean ceiling fans, use a long-handled brush dampened with Watkins Natural All-Purpose Cleaner.
    • Clean appliance knobs, cracks and grooves with a cotton swab dipped in Watkins Natural All-Purpose Cleaner. Before cleaning any appliance, please remember to unplug it.
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    All-Purpose Wipes

    Watkins Product - Natural All-Purpose WipesThis product is ideal for cleaning:
    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom
    • Dining Room
    • Garage
    • Keep a pack in the car for spills on the road!
    Convenience and natural cleaning power now combined into one ready-to-use all-purpose wipe. No water, suds or rinsing required! Effortlessly wipe away dirt and grime with these biodegradable and durable wipes. And because they are 100% readily biodegradable you can toss them into the garbage or compost without environmental repercussions. These wipes are perfect for quick bathroom cleaning, kitchens, even keep a pack in the car for spills on the road. The compact easy to use packaging makes these perfect to take with you anywhere. Keep the dirt, grime and toxins off your hands!

    Other cleaning wipes contain harsh chemicals and their labels detail specific handling warnings and cautionary statements. They also require rinsing and are not recommended for surfaces that come into contact with food. Watkins Natural All-Purpose Wipes can be used to clean any surface that water alone won't harm. You are going to love this revolutionary way of cleaning your house without water!

    Did You Know ...
    • The National Academy of Science estimates that 15 percent of all Americans are multi-chemically sensitive due to chronic exposure to household products.
    • The Environmental Protection Agency states that half of all illnesses occurring in the United States can be attributed to chemical contamination of indoor air.
    • The Environmental Protection Agency states that during the last 20 years, more than 75 percent of our landfills have reached maximum capacity and that more than half of those remaining will be filled up over the next 20 years.

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    Watkins Product - Natural Liquid Hand Soaps

    Natural Liquid Hand Soaps

    Formulated with premium natural ingredients and essential oils, these hard-working natural hand soaps create a smooth lather of suds that rinse away, leaving your hands exceptionally clean.

    Watkins Product - Natural Foaming Hand SoapsFoaming Hand Soaps

    The moisturizing foam in our premium hand soaps gently cleanses the skin while our signature fragrances leave hands smelling fresh.
    (9 fl oz / 266 mL)
    * Gently moisturizes
    * Fragranced with essential oils

    Liquid Dish Soaps

    Watkins Product - Natural Liquid Dish SoapsThis product is ideal for cleaning:
    • Dishes
    • Pots and Pans
    • Tupperware
    • Silverware
    • Cookware
    • Cooking Utensils
    Just a few drops of J.R. Watkins Concentrated Dish Soaps will fill your sink with naturally scented suds. Available in three fragrances that will appeal to your senses and make doing dishes a soothing experience. The easy to use flip top cap allows you to easily squirt soap into your dish water without mess or drips. The built in grease cutter will clean even the toughest baked on casserole dish. This natural formula is sure to leave your plates, cups, pots and pans clean and spotless. Get sparkling dishes even with hard water. Rinse away soap residue, film and toxins with J.R. Watkins Liquid Dish Soaps.

    Other dishwashing liquids contain petroleum surfactants that break down slowly in the environment and remain long-term pollutants. Keep it natural with Watkins Concentrated Natural Dish Soaps.

    If every household in the U.S. replaced just one bottle of 24 oz. petroleum-based dishwashing liquid with our 24 oz. plant-based product, we could save 85,886 barrels of oil!... That is enough to heat and cool 4,941 U.S. homes for a year!

    • Start with a clean sink and always use hot water.
    • Remember to scrape off excess food before adding your dishes them to the dish water.
    • Stacking a few dishes in the sink at a time allows them a few minutes of soaking time while you work on washing another dish.
    • Soaking tough stuck on foods prior to washing will help the food lift and rinse away easily.
    • Allowing aluminum to soak while dishwashing can darken the finish.
    • A lint free cloth is ideal for drying silverware.

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    Orange Citrus Tub and Tile Cleaner

    Watkins Product - Natural Citrus Tub & Tile CleanerThis product is ideal for cleaning:
    • Ceramic Tile
    • Grout
    • Chrome Fixtures
    • Fiberglass
    • Porcelain
    • And many other bathroom surfaces!
    Enjoy a chemical-free bath or shower with Watkins Natural Citrus Tub and Tile Cleaner. You wouldn't take a bath or shower in chlorine or phosphoric acid, so why would you clean your bathroom with them? Other shower cleaners contain several harsh chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin and respiratory systems. But just a light mist of Watkins Natural Citrus Tub & Tile Cleaner will leave your bathroom tub, tile and fixtures spot free! Now you can drive away water stains and soap scum with this eco-responsible cleaner that is even safe for your septic system. Throw away your rubber gloves and clean your tub and tile with natural essential orange oils instead of toxic chemicals. Watkins natural fresh citrus scent is sure to leave your bathroom fresh and fragrant.

    • A small scrub or tooth brush will help clean grout and corner areas.
    • Steam helps loosen build-up on tiles and fixtures.
    • Use a squeegee on glass doors to help prevent soap scum build-up.
    • Never use an abrasive on acrylic or fiberglass bath tubs.
    • Plastic shower curtains can be machine washed to clean soap scum spots.
    • Immediately attend to a dripping faucet or fixture. Ignoring this problem can waste a lot of water!
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    Watkins Laundry Detergent
    Watkins Product - Natural Laundry Detergent
    Our most earth-friendly, high-performance formula ever is 100% phosphate-free and biodegradable. It's highly concentrated - get up to 80 loads per box!* Dye- and fragrance-free, it's gentle for baby clothes and recommended for sensitive skin. Fabric softening action reduces static cling; works in hot or cold water. Watkins Laundry Detergent is ideal for High Efficiency (HE) washing machines. Its ultra-concentrated, low-suds formula delivers on cleaning while keeping the cost per wash lower than many alternative brands. Whether you have a new HE machine or an old trusty unit, this "combo" detergent is right for you.
    (2.2 kg/5 lbs)
    *Newer front-loading washers require only 1/8 cup of this detergent, for a yield of 80 loads per box. Standard washing machines will use 1/4 cup per wash (40 loads per box)

    Watkins Product - Natural Room FreshenersNatural Room Fresheners

    Eliminate odors in any room of your home with a light mist of our natural essential oil room fresheners. Our premium formulas eliminate odors and create a delightful long lasting atmosphere. Enjoy the fresh sweet fragrances of Lemon, Lavender and Aloe and Green Tea. More than 700 sprays. (120 mL/4 fl oz)

    ... and from our Traditional Line ...

    Watkins Product - Degreaser

    Natural Degreaser - powerful, versatile, and completely biodegradable! A naturally-derived surfactant from coconut oil cuts grease like nothing else - without harsh detergents or phosphates.
    Works in any kind of water - hot or cold, hard or soft. Apply directly to clothing to help remove stubborn grease and oil stains. Easily tackles greasy stove tops, charcoal grills, bicycles, appliances, garage floors, and more. Highly concentrated - makes up to 256 times its volume in cleaning solution, saving money and reducing packaging waste. (946 mL/1 Quart)

    Watkins Product - Toilet Bowl Cleanser with Caddy & Brush

    Toilet Bowl Cleanser
    - Always one of our most popular products! Extremely hard water - especially water with a high iron or mineral content - can result in embarrassing stains that are hard to remove with ordinary bowl cleaners. For the toughest jobs and the cleanest bowl possible, you need professional strength! Compare our toilet bowl cleanser to any other on the market - ours contains twice as much cleaning power! You can't buy a better, more powerful toilet bowl cleaner anywhere! It cleans better, yet is safe for septic tanks. Extremely powerful; for use on vitreous china only. Caddy with brush sold separately. (946 mL/32 fl oz)

    * US National Center for Health Statistics

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