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"On these three principles we have built our business:

  1. Every article of the highest quality.
  2. The most of every article that we can give for the money.
  3. A guarantee of satisfaction that means exactly what it says, and with which we always comply.

... On the other hand, we have the satisfaction of knowing that we have not only saved people millions of dollars in needless doctor's bills and for expensive drugs, but we have also saved thousands of lives by providing people with safe, sure and harmless remedies... "

... J.R. Watkins, Watkins founder, 1909

This philosophy holds as true today as it did in 1909. When you do business with Watkins, you are guaranteed products from a reliable source, produced from the best raw materials, backed up by solid research and covered by the same 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that J.R. Watkins himself invented back in 1868! Our products can be purchased through our network of Independent Consultants - which enables us to bypass the traditional marketing venues and heavy costs and to pass the savings along to you. Our Customers and Consultants can also order their products online for shipment anywhere in the Canada, the USA, or Puerto Rico.

Let's take a walk through our Watkins 'Grocery' Store:

Aisle 1 - Health and Nutrition:

Our roots are firmly implanted in the health and nutrition fields. Since the introduction of our world-famous Red Liniment, the company's first product in 1868, we have constantly been introducing naturally innovative products to soothe and relieve discomforts. We all age... and our goal is to help you enjoy every dream and adventure that life has to offer!

Aisle 2 - Gourmet Food:

In the 1930's virtually every home in North America had a can of our famous "sneeze-proof" Black Pepper on the table! We have been producing exotic, "filler-free", spices, concentrated extracts and flavourings, and award-winning condiments for over 100 years! We use only the finest ingredients from around the world, and time-tested formulas to bring you old-fashioned favourites, as well as the latest creations in fine food preparations. Many of our products are prepared in the true Kosher and/or Koran method of purity.

Aisle 3 - Fine Personal Care:

Our line of fine natural-based Personal Care products guarantees that you'll always look your best while feeling sensuous and pampered. By teaming up with leading personal care research-and-development labs in the U.S., Watkins has established access to the latest technologies and scientific breakthroughs to provide the finest salon-quality products, at grocery store prices, available on the market today. From your head to your toes, we have you covered (so to speak! )

Aisle 4 - Earth Friendly Home Care:

We have worked hard to create a powerful line of home care products - to make your life easier. Versatile, deep-cleaning and environmentally friendly, our home care products are unmatched in the industry. Most are concentrated, which means you use less and save money while ridding your home of unpleasant odors, bacteria and germs. Environmentally sensitive, too! Our goal is to help improve the quality of everyone's life by making your home, and the Earth, a more pleasant place to be.

... and all of this is made even more special because
every one of our products is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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