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Do any of these statements apply to you?
  • I want to be able to buy the "extras" that make life fun.
  • I want time to enjoy leisure activities with my family and friends.
  • I want more time with my family.
  • I want a flexible work schedule.
  • I want to give my children what they want and need to grow up strong, healthy, and happy.
  • I want to do something meaningful that will helping others.
  • I want to meet new people and expand my circle of friends.
  • I want to travel to exotic destinations - FREE!
  • I want to challenge myself and be recognized for my achievements.
  • I want to be in business for myself.
  • I want to take back control of my own future.
  • I want to enjoy a "Cash" Christmas this year!
  • I want to add to my retirement fund - or start one!
  • I want to replace my current income.

There are two things we never seem to have enough of
. . . TIME and MONEY.

Most people work in an environment where someone else determines their raises, promotions and how much money they make. In many cases they're even told when they can take their holidays. Have you noticed that when someone gets a promotion, they start working many more hours than they did before? We all know the shortcomings of trying our very best and still coming up short.

To be able to retire from work we must put aside money each and every month for many years. Eventually, this fund will give a small monthly cash flow (probably less than $1,000) which will be our pension cheque. The sad part is, most people don't have a retirement plan or even a savings plan - counting on the government to take care of them!

We are not, by any means, encouraging people to quit their job, but we are saying there is another type of income that a person should have in their financial portfolio . . . "residual income". This is a way to develop a larger cash flow in a much shorter time period. Why wait 30 years to get a $1,000 cheque each month, when you have the potential to do the same thing in six months or a year . . . without having to develop a large cash reserve?

Have you ever wondered why songwriters and recording stars make so much money? It is because of "residual income". In their industry they call it 'royalties", every time their song is played, they earn money. The more money they make, the more free time they have!

Would you like to earn residual income? You can! By taking advantage of Watkins concept of network marketing. Watkins Incorporated is a 145+ year old Network Marketing Company and Manufacturer that encourages people, just like you and me, to market their products to the end consumer. The money they normally would spend on advertising and distribution centers now becomes the profit of the individual using and promoting the products. You save on your own products, make retail profits through customers, and make wholesale profits when you share this idea with others who also want to capitalize on this marketing concept.

Watkins Marketing concept is designed for those people who want to develop residual income by using the talents they already have, and within the time frame they have available. The end result is more TIME and more MONEY.

As you go through Watkins catalogue (either online or offline), you can easily see where the average North American family is already buying similar products at the local grocery store. In fact, the average family will consume over $150 a month of products that Watkins offers. . . not counting the specialty items.

As a Watkins Consultant you will be able to receive all your favourite Watkins products at discounted prices. The products are delivered right to your door - and shipping is FREE for orders over $100.00! You could also earn up to 40%+ on what you sell to others . . . plus the opportunity to earn even more each month in manager and leadership bonuses as your business grows!

Can you imagine your local grocery store offering this? They can't afford to because of the high cost of overhead associated with their products, advertising being a large part of that.

You will want to share this idea with others. The more you share it, the more money you will make and the more residual income you will earn. You can start earning hundreds of extra dollars each month ... that can lead to thousands. You also can qualify for free trips throughout the world. When was the last time you had an all-expense paid vacation?

Becoming a Watkins Consultant isn't a decision about spending money, since it requires less than $40.00 to get started. It is a decision about adding residual income to your life.

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