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Watkins Gift Giving Tips and Ideas

Watkins Product - Gift Ideas!

Watkins Product - Gift Ideas!When it comes to giving the gift of Watkins,
All of our unique products make great gifts on their own,
or combined in hand-selected gift sets and baskets of your creation for ANY occasion!

Bridal Shower
Valentine's Day
Baby Shower
Mother's Day

Watkins Romantic Vanilla Collection

Father's Day
Hostess Thank You Gift
Special Teachers
Special Day Care Providers
Special School Bus Drivers

You name it ... you'll find just the right gift right here!
Watkins offers the convenience of shopping, all in one place!
And you can do it all, right here, right now!

Great Idea! Great Idea! Great Idea! Great Idea! Great Idea! Great Idea! Great Idea! Great Idea! Great Idea!


Watkins Gift Certificate - Can't decide??? Well, how about letting your loved one decide for themselves with a Watkins Gift Certificate?!

Gift Certificates are available in any amount from $10 - $100 - and each one is shipped right to your address of choice complete with a Watkins Full-Line Master Catalogue ... FREE of charge!!

Gift your loved one an extra special gift of $150 and when they place their order, their gift will be delivered FREE of charge as well!

Watkins Gift Certificates can be ordered along with your regular grocery order either by phone or online.

Watkins Gift Certificate

Watkins Annual Fall & Holiday Gift Line

Everyone enjoys giving and receiving special and unique gifts - so every year, Watkins creates a special line of products that is designed for and available just for the holiday season - September-December!

Watkins Gift BagOur product development design staff ... or Watkins "Elves" ... put together a different and unique mix of special gift services, food sets, gourmet items, high-quality collectibles and more! Always unique - always special - and of course, always Watkins Quality and Value in each and every choice!

Gift PackagesEach year Watkins Associates and Customers alike are eager to see what will be new and exciting for the coming traditional gift-giving season, and look forward to the unveiling every September!

You can look forward to this exciting time in your September Issue of our Monthly Customer E-News!
... Until then, remember that Watkins always offers a wonderful selection of products that you can choose from and combine to create that perfect gift - that you can deliver all wrapped up in person - or have shipped directly from Watkins in Winnipeg, Manitoba or Winona, Minnesota, right to your special person!
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