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Watkins Insect Repellents

Watkins Great Outdoors Insect Repellent, with DEET, is proven effective protection against ticks which can carry the bacterium that causes Lyme disease, mosquitoes which can carry the virus that causes encephalitis, biting flies, black flies, chiggers, deer ticks, sand fleas, gnats and other pests.

Watkins Product - Insect RepellentsWatkins Insect Repellents provide safe protection from insects for your whole family. Not only can it prevent vacations, picnics and family outings from being ruined, but because it repels deer ticks, it can prevent the very serious threat of Lyme Disease, which can cripple or even kill if left untreated. Also repels mosquitoes, which can transmit potentially deadly strains of encephalitis and West Nile virus.
(Available in Canada Only)

Watkins Insect Repellents are:

  • Recommended by health professionals: Active ingredient DEET is recommended for protection against deer ticks, which cause Lyme Disease. Other "repellent" products have been shown to be less effective - sometimes ineffective!
  • Clinically proven to repel: Stable flies, black flies, sand flies, mosquitoes, ticks and fleas on exposed skin surfaces; higher concentrations may not be safe for application to skin - especially for children.
  • Watkins Insect Repellent Lotion: You'll appreciate the variety of sizes available - Our economical large 240 mL bottle is perfect for home use; our compact 80 mL tube fits easily into picnic baskets, backpacks, tackle boxes, fishing vests; and our handy 45 mL key-chain version is perfect to ensure it's with you wherever you go.
  • Watkins Insect Repellent Sprays: are a convenient way to get the same effective protection in a handy spray application. The spray application is non-staining, easily washable, and may be sprayed directly onto clothing.* The containers are the perfect size to fit easily into picnic baskets, backpacks, tackle boxes and fishing vests. *Avoid contact with plastics, such as eyeglass frames, and such fabric as acetate rayon and dynel.

Watkins Product - Insect Repellent Spray for Adults
Insect Repellent Non-Aerosol Spray for Adults - This 30% DEET formula provides up to 6 hours of protection; protects against the extreme conditions of the Canadian Great Outdoors; mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies, stable flies, ticks and fleas, biting midges and chiggers. The non aerosol pump spray is perfect for easy and precise application. (150 mL)

Watkins Product - Insect Repellent Spray for Kids!

Insect Repellent Spray - for Kids!
- This non-aerosol, low level DEET formula is ideal for kids or anybody who is looking for short term protection. Studies show that a lower level of DEET does not offer less protection, but rather protection for a shorter period of time. (105 mL)

Watkins Product - Insect Repellent SelectionsInsect Repellent Lotion or Continuous Spray Can
- Watkins Insect Repellents, with doctor-recommended DEET, are the most proven and effective protection against Lyme Disease-carrying ticks, encephalitis-carrying mosquitoes and other pests. Repels mosquitoes, black flies, biting midges, deer flies, stable flies, ticks and chiggers. (240 mL)
Watkins Product - Insect Repellent Key RingChoose from ...
#33075 (175 g spray can)

#33077 (240 ml bottle)

#33079 (80 ml tube)

#33081 (45 ml key-ring tube)

Watkins Product - Bite Balm
Bite Balm - Pesky bug bites leave you itching? Let Watkins Bite Balm soothe the pain and itch of those irritating bites. The convenient travel size tin is perfect for on-the-go outings like golf, fishing, camping or any outdoor activity. A must for every outdoor enthusiast - and anyone who suffer reactions to bites! (9 g)

"When I was fishing last summer, the mosquitoes started biting, and everyone headed indoors. I sprayed on Watkins Insect Repellent and was able to continue fishing. Soon others came to inquire what I had used, and I sprayed them, too. They were amazed at the results and bought some from me on the spot."
... Glen Hadeen, Washington

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