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Whole Home Care - the Watkins Way!

In simpler times, people took great pride in keeping a spotless house, and home-makers with discriminating taste could count on the Watkins Man to deliver the very best in home care products.  As luck would have it, that pride in homemaking is making a resurgence in a big way!

No one will ever argue that cleaning the house is a fun chore, but it is one of the necessary rituals of life.  Our hectic schedules of today do not make this job any easier and we recognize that all too well!   Watkins offers a fantastic line of products for cleaning every room of the house.  Wherever possible, they are engineered to be completely earth-friendly; many offer extra strength and economy through concentration; still others are noted for their versatility in doing numerous jobs around the home. 

As well as working great, we think you will be pleased to see that Watkins Home Care Line also looks great, too!  Our packing is reminiscent of a long-gone era, of a simpler and less-stressed time.  You'll feel your Grandmother and even your Great-Grandmother working along side you as you go through your "chores" 

Watkins Home Care Line Offers:

Concentrated Products

The fastest growing trend in home care products today is concentration.  That's good news for those of us in the Watkins business because we've been making concentrated products for years!  The benefits of concentrated products are two-fold: saving money and saving the environment.

By making products that are concentrated, Watkins is not selling water or other materials that take up space but provide little value.  The cost savings to the customer can be substantial.  For example, Watkins Degreaser is so concentrated, it can be diluted 256 times and function as an effective spray cleaner!

Everyone realizes that concentrated products save money, and - let's face it - it's the bottom line that concerns most consumers.  But products like this have an additional benefit that many people identify as a major concern - saving the environment.

By purchasing concentrated products, you help the environment by creating less packaging to end up in landfills.  For example, if Watkins Generation III Laundry Detergent does the work of three boxes of your old brand, you have just contributed two fewer containers to your local landfill.  (Not to mention the gasoline you saved by not having to drive to the store two more times to buy detergent!)

In the case of plastic bottles, the same theory applies; of course, you have few bottles to recycle (yes, our plastic bottles are recyclable by most systems).

Nature's Cleaners

When most people think of cleaning products, they think of harsh chemicals.  We're not going to preach against their use; certainly, some of our products contain some pretty tough stuff that gets the job done better than anything else.  We want you to know that all of our products are safe when used as directed.  And when the technology becomes available to make a more natural product that still works as well, you can bet that we'll be taking the lead.  Here are some examples of natural-based products used by Watkins for your home:

Bacteria:  Sounds bad, but there are actually many good bacteria on this planet, including those in your own body.  Modern technology has discovered certain bacterial strains that literally eat fats (grease) and other organic substances that can cause odors, create stains and clog drains.  Some of these bacteria have been in a dormant state for hundreds of years, "coming alive" when put into the right medium and exposed to their food source.  Some bacteria are also beneficial to septic systems, keeping them "alive" for better waste decomposition.  These bacteria may be found in Odor Chek, Odor Zap, Bio-Drain Opener, Stain Pro Rug Cleaner and Permanent Odor Eliminator for Pet Problems.

Cocamide DEA:  A mild but effective surfactant derived from coconut oil.  Dissolves grease and oil without caustics, harsh acids or harmful solvents; helps prevent rusting.  Can be made in various strengths, and is even safe enough for use in personal care products.  This is featured in Degrease, Organic Cleaner, and Outdoor Wash.

d-Limonene:  A naturally-occurring grease-cutting solvent found in the peels of citrus fruits.  Works well and leaves a refreshing citrus fragrance.  This is featured in Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner, Stain Pro Grease, Tar and Gum Remover, and Finished Wood Cleaner and Restorer.

Enzymes:  Natural substances that attack proteins.  Although they are not living organisms, enzymes are created by plants and animals (we produce them in our own bodies to help digest foods).  Whether featured with bacteria or by themselves, enzymes can be powerful cleaners.  Enzymes are featured in Organic Automatic Dishwashing Detergent, Stain Pro Rug Cleaner and Watkins Laundry Detergent.

Pine Oil:  One of the few powerful disinfectants found in nature.  Leaves a refreshing, deodorizing aroma.  Featured in Pine Oil Disinfectant.

Versatility:  Our Multi-Use Products

Watkins products can help save time and money by doing the work of several "mainstream" products.  Here are examples of some of our more versatile cleaners:

Organic Cleaner:  The ultimate all-purpose, earth-friendly cleaner.  For general cleaning, use 1 teaspoon/5 ml. to 1 quart/litre of water.  Great for kitchens, woodwork, walls, appliances, bathroom fixtures, cars, boats, etc. 

Degreaser:  Nearly as versatile as Organic Cleaner, but specially formulated to be tougher on grease.

  • Removes tough kitchen food grease.
  • Excellent for oil and dirt in the garage.
  • 1 tbsp/15 ml in 1 gallon/4 liters of water for heavy-duty cleaning of sinks and drains, garbage disposals, and greasy stovetops.
  • Mix weak (as with Organic Cleaner) for dishes and floors, or strong for problem areas like stoves, charcoal grills and garage floors.

Bathroom Cleaner Plus:  An excellent toilet bowl cleaner and more; use as a hard-surface cleaner Watkins Product - Bathroom 
      Cleaner +throughout the bath:

  • Tub
  • Tile
  • Porcelain
  • Grout
  • Fiberglass

Watkins Toilet Bowl Cleaner:  Got tougher toilet problems?  Nothing can compare to this - our strongest toilet bowl cleaner!  Our "buffered" Hydrochloric Acid formula will tackle the toughest iron and calcium deposits as well as their stains!  Actually, until it was replaced by our "Ephedrine-free" Weight Management System (WMS), our Toilet Bowl Cleaner was our #1 selling product in Canada!!  Note: For Non-Porcelain toilets (Campers, RV, Boats, etc.) use Bathroom Cleaner Plus (above).

Mineral Deposit Remover:  Previously marketed simply as "Coffeemaker Cleaner", removes hard water deposits from many other items, like:

  • Teapots
  • Steam irons
  • Vaporizers
  • Shower heads:  mix with water in a plastic bag and tie over the shower head.

Pine Oil Disinfectant:  The US product is concentrated, with nearly five times the pine oil of Pine-Sol.  The Canadian product, by law, contains less pine oil, but is fortified with extra disinfectants.  Excellent for floors, but there's so much more:

  • Use with regular detergent to sanitize laundry - gentle enough for baby's diapers
  • Add to scrub water
  • Use in the bathroom
  • Use in the kitchen
  • Use around your pet's bed
  • Clean garbage receptacles
  • Dilute 2 tsp/10 ml into spray bottle with 8 oz/25 ml of water for "spot cleaning"

Window and Glass Cleaner:  Alcohol and ammonia-free, this is excellent for windows, mirrors and other glass, helping to prevent smudges and fingerprints, and actually works to repel dust - plus:

  • Appliances
  • Watkins Product - 
        Window & Glass CleanerChrome
  • Ceramic tile
  • Porcelain
  • Plastics
  • Floors
  • Computer Monitors
  • Television screens

Watkins Brand New "Shredsope" Line of Products:  A growing trend in home care is to elevate the laundry room from a closed-off hideaway to a focal point. As we reconnect with nurturing in the new millennium, people are looking for products that lend an air of nostalgia and indulgence to everyday tasks. Our Shredsope line of home care products fits right into this trend.

Shredsope Liquid Dish Soap:  This no-nonsense product powers away grease and tough food stains while pampering hands and treating you to a lovely fragrance. Needless to say, this fine product is not intended for use in automatic dishwashers; it is for your good pans, knives, crystal and other items to be lovingly hand washed.


Shredsope Linen Spray:  There’s nothing like clean, fresh linens—especially when they smell great! Refresh your pillow, sheets and other linens regularly with a burst of our unique vanilla/citrus Shredsope scent. Our non-staining Linen Spray evaporates quickly, and is great for freshening clothing that’s been in storage.

Shredsope Ironing Spray:  Most people keep a spray bottle of water next to the ironing board to help release wrinkles... but tap water can leave mineral deposits and develop a stale aroma when left in the bottle. Our Ironing Spray is specially deionized and treated so it stays fresh and evaporates cleanly, leaving behind only the nostalgic vanilla/citrus Shredsope scent. It’s the civilized way to iron!

Shredsope Fine Linen Wash:  Fine lingerie can make you feel truly special. Those items worn closest to the skin need a little extra TLC, and satin, silk and lace are too fragile for the washing machine. Our gentle wash will get your unmentionables impeccably clean while treating them and yourself to a soft touch and beautiful scent.

Watkins Laundry Compounds:  It's what we do NOT put into our laundry compounds that makes them tops!  At Watkins, our mandate of "no fillers" applies from everything from our Gourmet Spices and Seasonings - right through to our Laundry Compounds!  You will notice the difference in what is NOT left in your clothes - clothes (even jeans) will be softer straight out of the washer; you will notice less lint in the lint trap of your dryer; cuffs and collars will not fray as quickly; colours will stay brighter longer; and your children will outgrow their clothes instead of outwearing them!  Choose from 3 formulas - all of which are earth-friendly and phosphate-free:

  • Watkins 
        Product - Laundry CompoundWatkins Laundry Detergent - with NO fragrance or dyes - is formulated especially for sensitive people with allergies, asthma, skin conditions, and even the most tender of baby laundry. (40-80 loads per box)
  • Generation III - our most economical formula - has a light lemon scent and is best for oil and soil based stains as well as harder water.  This would be considered our "general family laundry soap".  (70-140 loads per box)
  • Triple Action Liquid Laundry Detergent - for those who prefer a liquid - it's an "all-in-one" formula containing detergent, fabric softener and anti-static!  (approx 32 loads per bottle - use half as much as other liquids)

Along with our fabulous laundry detergents, Watkins also offers all of the corresponding "support" products as well:  Laundry White, Pre-Wash Stain Remover and Fabric Softener - all of which are just as hard-working and concentrated!

Products that "sell" themselves!

Many Watkins quality products seem to sell themselves (through word of mouth by our customers).  Here are a few testimonials and helpful hints that have worked for others and may help you!

"We love Watkins cleaning products, but especially the Window and Glass Cleaner and the Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner.  The Window and Glass Cleaner doesn't leave and streaks and cleans very well with little effort!  We use the  Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner on our Corian counter tops.  It cleans with only a gentle wipe and leaves a pleasant citrus aroma in the kitchen." 
..... Lulla and William Bullard, MI

"In my house the washing machine gets daily use, so I need a laundry soap that I can trust.  My criteria: keep clothes looking new longer, wash them clean without leaving soap residue or fillers locked into the fabric, save money, and if possible, protect my washing machine so it will last longer.  With Watkins Generation III Laundry Soap, I get all of that!  I know I'm using 100% active ingredients - no fillers - and it's an ultra-concentrated, high-powered cleaner.  My family's clothes look great!  Value?  Just look at the size of the scoop and then dare to compare.  With over 70 loads of laundry per box, or about 24 cents (Cdn)/17 cents (US) a load, who could possibly say no?" ..... Karen Robb, BC

"Before our new oven was delivered, I wanted to thoroughly scrub that part of the kitchen.  Many years of air-borne grease and cooking oil had taken its toll, and after pulling out the old stove it was an awful mess.  None of the "store-brand" grease cutters worked well.  Then I remembered Watkins Degreaser.  I mixed it with a little warm water and went to work.  The solution was left on the area for about 10 minutes and when I wiped it down all the grease spots were gone!  My whole kitchen now routinely gets the Watkins Degreaser treatment and it has never looked better!"
..... Kathy and Mike Dooley, ON

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