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May 2014

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May 14 is
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Getting Enough?...It's Easier Than You Think!

Filling up on vegetables and fruit is a great way to lose weight and still feel full. Many people report significant weight loss when they include large amounts of raw fruits and vegetables in their diets. Getting your daily quota of vegetables and fruit is easier than you think. Here's how:

Veggies for Your Heart
  • Make extra servings when cooking with vegetables. Then, toss leftovers with a low-fat dressing and refrigerate for lunch the next day.
  • Consider frozen vegetables and fruit or the canned variety in water as an alternative to fresh foods. They're preserved at the peak of their nutritional quality.
  • Go "skinny dipping." Enjoy cut-up vegetables and fruit with tasty low-fat dips.
  • Try poaching fruit with seasonings like Watkins Cinnamon. Sliced fruit can also be added to side dishes and salads.
  • Don't substitute unsweetened juices for fresh vegetables and fruit. Juices are missing valuable fibre including the soluble type, which lowers cholesterol and takes longer to digest.
Source: Health Habits Healthy Weight - Heart & Stroke Foundation

QuestionSoluble fibre may lower blood cholesterol and help control blood sugar. Oat products (oat bran, oatmeal), legumes (dried beans, peas and lentils) and pectin-rich fruits (apples, strawberries and citrus fruits) are terrific sources of soluble fibre.
Great Idea!
  • Garlic Mayonnaise: 3/4 cup/375 ml mayonnaise with 2 tsp/10 ml Watkins Liquid Garlic Spice - Mix together and refrigerate or use right away. Liquid Garlic Spice blends in instantly - no need to let it sit!
    • Serve with grilled vegetables like zucchini, eggplant, onions or red pepper, or with grilled bread.
    • Garlic mayonnaise is also wonderful on broiled or grilled fish.
  • Salsa isn't just a dip for chips. Use salsas to jazz up your favourite green salad or vegetables; wake up plain chicken breasts, grilled meats or fish; or instead of fat-laden gravies and sauces - perfect for lighter summer cooking!
  • Red bell peppers and chiles have more vitamin C than green or orange peppers. All peppers are nutritious - a green bell has twice as much vitamin C as an orange; a red one has three times as much!
    ... Chile or Chili? - The various native Caribbean and Central and South American peoples had its own word for the Capsicum pepper. The Nahuatl Indians of southern Mexico called it chilli. The Spanish in Mexico changed it to chile, and it was later Americanized as chili. Since Mexico is considered the home of these peppers, and "chile" is the spelling used by Mexicans, this is generally accepted as correct. "Chili," on the other hand, is correctly used only to refer, in short form, to the popular meat stew of Texas origin, chile con carne.
  • Do your best to avoid carbonated soft drinks. These 'bubblies' should be avoided because their phosphates bind with and then block absorption of calcium in your diet.
  • Increase essential fatty acids (EFA) in your diet naturally. Source include flax bran/oil, pumpkin seeds, wild game (venison, pheasant, duck) cod liver and salmon oil (cold water fish), and certain fresh whole nuts (almonds, filberts, walnuts). EFA's help to create strong cell membranes.
    Tip! Make your own bread spread. Mix one part flaxseed or canola oil with one part butter. This is a more nutritious spread than margarine. It is lower in saturated fats and high in EFA!
  • Feeling tense? Use the "8-8-8 Breather"! Count to eight in each phase. Visualize the sides of a triangle: (1) Inhale slowly, (2) Hold breath, (3) Exhale slowly. This relaxer counteracts the rapid, shallow breathing of tension.
  • When slicing tomatoes it is easier to use a serrated or bread knife. It will easily go through the skin without squashing the tomato.
  • Wet your hands in cold water before mixing and shaping ground meat into patties: meat won't stick to them.
    Tip! Instead of using ground beef, try using ground turkey or ground pork when making burgers for the grill.
  • Watkins Grapeseed Oils have only half the saturated fat of olive oil! Use them as a delicious and healthful alternative to other oils in your vinaigrettes - and even in your baking.
  • Pot Luck Tip! If you are taking a green salad and don't want it to go soggy, place the dressing in the bottom of the bowl and add vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers that marinate well. Add greens on top and cover until ready. Toss just prior to serving.
  • Love corn on the cob but hate the hassle of removing the silk? Simply pull off husk and as much silk as possible, then rub with a damp paper towel.
  • For fast, easy, delicious glazes, dilute jams or jellies with a little orange or pineapple juice and brush on meats during the last minutes of grilling.
  • Laugh today. It's been called "internal jogging"... Smile
... and always remember... Watkins Gourmet Herbs & Spices, Seasoning Blends and Salts, and Gourmet Grinders are the perfect place to start ANY healthy meal with ... during ANY season!
May Product Spotlights ...
Muscle Aches and PainsJ.R. Watkins NATURAL Deep Muscle Relief - Many muscle rubs and balms contain harmful or irritating ingredients. Watkins took a look at two of our most popular products and decided that we could do better - Analgesic Balm, and Icy Blue Ointment have gone through a natural makeover - and the results speak for themselves. What you won't see is a change in how well they work - what you will notice is that each is now at least 97% natural!

Watkins Product - Deep Muscle Warming BalmDeep Muscle Warming Balm (formerly known as Analgesic Balm) is 99% natural and its deep penetrating formula absorbs rapidly to provide quick, temporary relief from minor arthritic and rheumatic aches. With natural menthol and natural methyl salicylate, this balm packs a one-two counter-irritant punch! Its cream base is non-staining and leaves no greasy film on your skin.
What makes it work so well?
  • Menthol (1.25%): An alcohol extracted from cornmint oil. When applied to the skin, menthol produces an intense and lasting cooling sensation that counteracts pain, and it is also used as an antipruritic. It both stimulates the nerves for perception of cold and depresses those which transmit pain.
  • Methyl Salicylate (10%): Natural wintergreen oil. Produces a counter-irritant action to reduce pain. Readily absorbed into the skin and found highly effective in reducing the pain of arthritis.
  • Capsicum (red pepper): A raw material that produces a warming effect on the skin

    Watkins Product - Deep Muscle Cooling GelDeep Muscle Cooling Gel (formerly known as Icy Blue Ointment) is a 97.2% natural, dye-free, non-staining gel that goes on smoothly and absorbs rapidly to provide quick, cooling, temporary relief for muscle aches, minor arthritis pain and simple backache. Its menthol formula has a refreshing 'non-medicinal' scent and is ideal for those who really want to "cool down" - almost like putting your pain on ice! A must for every athlete's gym bag.
    What makes it work so well?
  • Menthol (3%): An alcohol extracted from cornmint oil. When applied to the skin, menthol produces an intense and lasting cooling sensation that counteracts pain and is also used as an antipruritic. It both stimulates the nerves for perception of cold and depresses those which transmit pain.
  • Watkins Product - Natural Peppermint Foot Repair SalveFoot Repair Salve - is specially blended to soothe and restore even the toughest skin on your heels and toes. This 99.5% natural salve is formulated with pure peppermint oil to leave your feet feeling refreshed and soothed, natural olive oil for supreme softness, and all-natural beeswax as a base. It's ideal for dry, cracked feet, heels and toes - perfect for your at home 'pedi' to get ready for the upcoming sandal season!
    What makes it work so well?
  • Peppermint Oil: Credited with refreshing and cooling properties. Contains more than 50% menthol.
  • Beeswax: Our food-grade beeswax acts as a glove to help prevent chapping and cracking.
  • Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E): Soothes the skin.

    Bare FeetWatkins Ultimate Foot Spa
    • At night, find the time to lie down, raise your feet and relax for a while. This will ease the pressure off them and improve circulation.
    • To stimulate the circulation, give your feet a good scrub in warm water using a foot scrub or pumice - A foot spa or basin is perfect. Apply foot scrub to bottom of feet and heels; scrub vigorously with the palm of your hand or a bath mitt, towel, loofah or abrasive sponge. This will "plane down" stubborn calluses and slough away dead skin cells.
    • Rinse well with cool water.
    • Always dry your feet and toes well to prevent any fungus growing between the toes.
    • Cut the toenails across instead of around the edge of the toe to prevent ingrown nails. Lightly file nails smooth with emery board.
    • Every night, massage Watkins Rejuvenating Peppermint Foot Cream into the feet to keep heels from cracking and to protect the skin. Massage from toes to calves in an upward motion to stimulate circulation. For very dry feet, follow this step before bed using Watkins Peppermint Foot Repair Salve as well and slip on a pair of cotton socks.
    • Foot odor happens when the feet are moist and warm and sweat cannot evaporate. It is better to air your feet than to bombard them with too many strong scents and perfumes. Watkins Rejuvenating Peppermint Foot Cream helps to reduce odors.
    • Be sure to wear proper shoes which fit the shape of your feet. If you have a wide foot you should avoid narrow pointed shoes. This will squeeze the toes and make you prone to corns and painful bunions, often requiring corrective surgery. If you have a high arch you may need to consider custom-made arch supports.
  • Find more details and pricing for these products in your Monthly Specials section!

    New Recipes Kid Fun! Special Considerations Specific Needs and Ailments

    • Orange and Spinach Pasta Salad
    • Mustard Glazed Ham Slices
    • Turkey Scaloppine
    • Rum Raisin Spice Muffins
    • Frozen Angel Dessert

    Watkins Recipe - Frozen Angel Dessert
    Become Your Family's Dessert Chef!
    Treat them to SEVEN delicious
    and simple summertime desserts, like...
    Chocolate Pudding Parfait
    Fruit Crepes
    Apple Pie Yogurt
    ... and more!

    Watkins Recipe - Banana Shake

    If there are "allergies" or "sensitivities" applicable to you or someone you love, you'll want to check this out to learn about specific product ingredients including:

    • Dairy
    • Gluten
    • Nuts
    • Salt
    • Sugar
    • MSG
    • Wheat, and our
    • Kosher Products

    Best for - Coughs, Colds, and First Aid
    Seasonal Allergies
    Diabetes Support
    Eye Health
    Heart Health
    Immune System Support
    Weight Management
    Healthy Eating Tips
    Low-Carb Diet Tips

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