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June 2014

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It's time for your walk
June 19th is
World Sauntering Day.
A day free from jogging, running, fast walking, trotting and so forth are highly discouraged ... a day to take it all in and enjoy the lost art of peaceful sauntering ... so go ahead, saunter, breathe in deeply and enjoy your day!
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Guacamole Snack & Dip Mix / Energy Supplement / Cinna-Cream Sprinkles / Pain Relieving Liniment / Natural Degreaser / Double-Strength Vanilla Extract... and lots more!

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Green Clean
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Watkins Product - Natural Window CleanersWatkins Natural Window Cleaners
... bring in the sunshine ... naturally!

Did you know that a woman who works as a stay-at-home-mom/housekeeper, using traditional super-market brand home-care products, has a 54% higher risk of developing cancer than a woman who works outside of the home as well?! Of course, this same statistic would apply to men who assume that role as well. And this does not even begin to encompass anyone else who spends that much time in the home as well ... like small children and pets!

At Watkins, this is something that is NOT acceptable! In today's world of technology and knowledge, there is no reason why this should be happening.

Although ALL of Watkins Home-Care Products are produced without harmful or toxic chemicals, let's focus on our Natural Window Cleaners right now...

When window and glass cleaners are sprayed into the air, they release vapors that can be inhaled. Ammonia cleaners can irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory system. You can greatly minimize your family's exposure to these harmful toxins by reaching for J.R. Watkins Natural Window Cleaners. Your windows will sparkle and our natural streak-free formula will leave them shining bright. To receive optimal natural sunlight, you need to use a premium natural window cleaner! These cleaners also work to clean mirrors, glass table-tops, and other hard surfaces around the home to gently lift away water spots, dirt and fingerprints. Plus, our coconut-based formula is tough on grime yet won't break down the bonds of plastic on window films, making them safe for ALL your windows - house, car, cottage... and even your eye-glasses! You will also appreciate our fresh, clean, natural Lemon or Aloe & Green Tea scents.

You and your family will appreciate this change
... for years and years to come!
SunshineWindow Cleaning ... to Perfection!
  • Did you know that having clean windows makes your room look instantly brighter.
  • Wipe away excess dirt and grime from your windowsills and framework prior to applying a window cleaner.
  • Lint-Free or micro-fiber cloths are ideal for minimizing streaks.
  • Squeegees are great tools for cleaning windows, glass or mirrors.
  • If you are cleaning the insides and outsides of windows, use different cleaning strokes on each side. Wipe one side vertically and the other side horizontally so you can easily tell which side needs another wipe.
  • Spray window cleaner ten inches/25 centimetres or more away from the glass surface to help minimize streaking.
Tips & Tricks
  • Wild Rice: You can add a delicious nutty flavour to your salads and side dishes by including this unique ingredient. Wild Rice is not actually 'rice' - it's not even considered a 'grain'; but a grass seed native to North America. Although it was once truly 'wild', it's now a cultivated crop mainly from Minnesota and California. Although the price is a bit higher than regular rice, a little goes a LONG way - it will cook up to 3 or 4 times its volume - and the nutritional value is far superior to regular rice containing twice the protein as well as higher levels of B-vitamins and folic acid.
  • Out of Baking Chocolate? Use Cocoa Powder instead - 3 tbsp/45 ml of cocoa mixed with 1 tbsp/15 ml of fat = one ounce of unsweetened chocolate.
  • Does your recipe call for margarine? Use the stick variety instead of the tub. The tub variety contains more water, which will affect the end results of your baked goods.
  • Heavy Whipping Cream? Instead, try using evaporated skim milk. It can even be whipped like cream when allowed to chill in the freezer until ice crystals form lightly around the edge. Beat with an electric mixer until soft peaks form; sweeten to taste; and serve immediately.
  • Looking for a unique nibbler for your next get-together? Try preparing your cheese roll using goat cheese instead of cream cheese!
  • Top broiled fish like tilapia, cod or salmon with salsa for a delicious summery dish. Chop fresh tomatoes and mix with Watkins Salsa Snack & Dip Mix for a quick and simple creation that will impress your family and friends! Use salsa to jazz up your favourite green salad or vegetables; wake up plain chicken breasts or grilled meats as well - tasty and healthy alternative to fat-laden gravies and sauces.
  • Watkins Grapeseed Oil has half the saturated fat of olive oil - and its light, delicious flavour will not overpower the herbs and spices you add.
  • Coat a button's center with a drop of clear nail polish. Once it's dry, it will prevent the stitches from fraying over time.
  • Stretch a large rubber band over the top of a paint can and use it to wipe excess paint from the brush. With its edges kept clean, it will be much easier to reseal the can when you are finished... and reopen again later!
  • Before you toss one of those sticky-notes, run the sticky side between the keys of your computer's keyboard to collect crumbs and other grime.
  • Use a flower pot with its saucer bottom in the bathroom for storing the toilet plunger. It's an easy way to collect drips. You can use a smaller, decorative one on the counter or in the corner of your tub to contain loofahs, sponges, etc.
  • Spritz a little Watkins Cooking Spray on a squeaky door hinge, then swing the door back and forth to work it in and quiet the creaking. Wipe away any drips with a paper towel. This is a great alternative to the 'oily' smell of other lubricants.
  • If you’re crossing things off your to-do list, do it with an orange highlighter! Looking at the color orange stimulates our involuntary nervous system – which makes us more efficient and focused – so we’ll get even more done. (John Tesh) ... Smile
... and always remember... Watkins Gourmet Herbs & Spices, Seasoning Blends and Salts, and Gourmet Grinders are the perfect place to start ANY healthy meal with ... during ANY season!
Crock PotYour Crock Pot ... Your New Best Friend!

Many of us think of Crock Pots as cold-weather appliances... but what could be better on a hot summer day than coming home to a cool kitchen and ready-to-eat meal? We say the crock pot is an ALL-Season helper!

Your Crock Pot has many additional advantages:
  • One-pot cooking eliminates the need for all kinds of mixing bowls, skillets and saucepans.
  • Cooking foods at low temperatures usually means less sticking... meaning easier clean-up and less waste.
  • You can use your slow cooker as a secondary 'oven' - cook a chicken slowly all day at one temperature and then bake some pears quickly in the oven at a different temperature... but for a shorter time than the chicken would have taken.
  • Your slow cooker will keep the meal hot for everyone, no matter what time they arrive home - and it will not taste 'reheated'.
  • If you are entertaining, it's a great way to have the larger portion of the meal ready to go before your guests even arrive - leaving you time and freedom to be the perfect host!
  • Your slow cooker will travel - to the cottage, your RV, even a camp site if you get one with electricity!
  • Cooking with your slow cooker will actually SAVE you money! You can use cheaper cuts of meat because the longer cooking process helps to tenderize them, and because of the low temperatures used, there is less shrinkage. Also, a slow cooker uses a lot less energy than a major appliance like your stove or oven - this means that your pot can operate all day for just a few cents!

    ChefHere are few tips and ideas to help you get perfect results every time:
    • When cooking in a slow-cooker, it is critical that you NOT remove the lid during cooking (unless specified in a recipe). Most lids are clear glass or plastic so you can monitor your meal without having to lift the lid.
    • Stirring is not usually required, however, if you are cooking on high and you are around, an occasional stir will not hurt.
    • Slow-cookers should be at least half full for best results. If you're cooking less, cover the food with aluminum foil.
    • When cooking vegetables and meats together on the low setting, put the vegetables in the pot first. This will raise up the meat to permit proper liquid circulation; also the vegetables will stay moister that way. When adding liquids, do so last.
    • If you have some baked rolls or pastries on hand and want to warm them up, use your slow cooker! Start with the rolls at room temperature. Simply turn the cooker to low, place the rolls inside, cover them and heat for about 30 minutes.
    • When making a meat loaf in the slow cooker, fold a 3 to 4-inch/8 to 10-cm strip of heavy aluminum foil long enough so that the ends come up over the top of the cooker on either side. Place in the bottom and up the sides of the cooker then add your meat loaf. When you're ready to serve, you can simply lift the aluminum strips and your loaf will come right out.
  • Recipes Kid Fun! Special
    Specific Needs
    and Ailments
    • Ground Beef Stroganoff
    • Oriental Stew
    • Scalloped Ham and Potatoes
    • Barbecued Chicken Wings
    • Rhubarb and Orange Compote
    Why heat up the kitchen?
    This month we're cooking it slow!

    Crock Pot Slow Cooker
    School is coming to an end and you'll need some quick and healthy snacks and lunches!
    Like a yummy for your tummy
    Fruit Dip
    and our chewy, nutty
    Nut Covered Log
    ... both are great for your busy on-the-go summer activities!

    Kids at Play

    If there are "allergies" or "sensitivities" applicable to you or someone you love, you'll want to check this out to learn about specific product ingredients including:

    • Dairy
    • Gluten
    • Nuts
    • Salt
    • Sugar
    • MSG
    • Wheat, and our
    • Kosher Products

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    Seasonal Allergies
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    Eye Health
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    Immune System Support
    Weight Management
    Healthy Eating Tips
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