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February 2015

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New!Like the olive oil soaps which originated centuries ago in the Castile region of Spain, J.R. Watkins Pure Castile Soaps are based on tried-and-true, simple and effective vegetable oil soap formulas. Naturally free from dyes, sulfates and preservatives. No animal testing or animal byproducts.
(Expected availability February 1)Watkins Product - Castile Liquid Soap

Castile Liquid Soaps
Made with coconut and olive oils, this concentrated Castile Liquid Soap is naturally pure and gentle, as well as extremely effective and versatile. Use with warm water to gently cleanse hands, body, face or untreated hair. May also be diluted and used as a powerful eco-friendly cleaner in the home. (11 fl oz/325 mL)
Choose from...
Clary Sage

Watkins Product - Castile Bar SoapCastile Bar Soaps
Our Castile Bar Soap is made with coconut and olive oils for a naturally pure and gentle cleanser for hands, face, body and more. (8 oz/226 g)
Choose from...
Clary Sage

Watkins Product - Liquid Hand Soap RefillsAlso NEW to CANADA - Liquid Hand Soap REFILLS! - The same top-selling, natural hand soaps you love are available in a value-sized, eco-friendly refill. Refills use 25 percent less plastic packaging than regular-sized bottles and deliver a no mess experience. (24 oz/710 ml) - Available to order now!
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What are you wearing?What are you wearing?
That can be a 'loaded' question - loaded with CHEMICALS, that is!
Did You Know?
  • Traditional laundry detergents are often petroleum based; depleting nonrenewable resources and creating pollution when manufactured. Natural laundry detergents reduce the number of chemicals and toxins that come into direct contact with your family's skin as well as reduce energy costs and protect water supplies.
  • More than 85% of the energy used by an average washing machine goes into heating the water. To save both water and energy choose the shortest cycle time possible.

    Watkins Product - Natural Laundry DetergentWatkins Laundry Detergent is different! Our most earth-friendly, high-performance formula is phosphate-free and biodegradable. It's highly concentrated - get up to 80 loads per box!* J.R. Watkins Laundry Detergent is ideal for High Efficiency (HE) washing machines. Its ultra-concentrated, low-sudsing formula delivers on cleaning while keeping the cost per wash lower than many alternative brands. Whether you have a new HE machine or an old trusty unit, this "combo" detergent is right for you. (2.2 kg/5 lbs) ... and it's
  • Dye- and fragrance-free
  • Gentle for baby clothes
  • Recommended for sensitive skin
  • Fabric softening action reduces static cling
  • Works in hot or cold water.

    Remember ... your family lives life in the detergent you wash their clothes in!

    * Newer front-loading washers require only 1/8 cup of this detergent, for a yield of 80 loads per box. Standard washing machines will use 1/4 cup per wash (40 loads per box)
  • There's a long life ahead of you and it's going to be beautiful, as long as you keep loving and hugging each other. - Yoko Ono
    Recipes Kid Fun! Special
    Specific Needs
    and Ailments
    • Poppy Seed Bread
    • Oven French Toast
    • Brownie Pie à la Mode
    • Winter Vegetable Soup
    • French Pot Roast

    Watkins Recipe - Poppy Seed Bread
    Cinnamon Apples with Ice Cream
    Granola Bars
    ... 2 healthy treats to warm up the coldest winter tummy!

    Watkins Recipe - Cinnamon Apples with Ice Cream

    If there are "allergies" or "sensitivities" applicable to you or someone you love, you'll want to check this out to learn about specific product ingredients including:

    • Dairy
    • Gluten
    • Nuts
    • Salt
    • Sugar
    • MSG
    • Wheat, and our
    • Kosher Products

    Best for - Coughs, Colds, and First Aid
    Seasonal Allergies
    Diabetes Support
    Eye Health
    Heart Health
    Immune System Support
    Weight Management
    Healthy Eating Tips
    Low-Carb Diet Tips

    Best for...
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